Those who have done the Purification Program describe their resurgence of energy and outlook
My memory started returning about three quarters of the way through the Purification Program. Over the last couple of years I had started to notice that my short term memory was failing. Something would happen at work and I wouldn’t remember it. It was affecting my job—other people were noticing. It made me feel and look incompetent. I thought my career could be at risk because of my memory. I felt ‘unsafe’. Once my memory started returning, I knew that I would be OK. I see now why the Purif is one of the entry programs in Scientology. It really is a wedge into your future by allowing you to start repairing your past. Your future is closed off to you until you open the door to the past and the program did that for me. I continue to see wins every day from my perceptions improving and better ability to sleep at night, all the way to my interpersonal relationships improving. If I got all of that out of the Purif I can’t wait to see what I will get out of the rest of Scientology!
Toxins that accumulated in my body for years are gone. I can think clearly. I feel light and clean. I’m more energetic, and in the mornings I wake up easily, ready to tackle life. —Daniel
I had a heavy medical drug history, however, I had no idea of the effects these drugs were having on me. Since doing the Purification Program, I feel like a new person. I got rid of so much negative emotion connected with these drugs. —Grace
In the last 30 years, my body has been subjected to numerous toxins from harmful foods, fats, paints and work materials. On the Purification Program a dark, toxic cloud, which had affected my perceptions for years, lifted. The world around me looked like it should—bright and beautiful. And with this, I gained a clearer, cleaner outlook. I am also now far more optimistic about the body’s longevity. —Brian
Doing this program totally cleaned up my body and my mind, and now I can see and feel clearly. I feel lighter, less burdened and sharper in both thinking and action. For my next chapter in life, I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer, teaching a specialized fitness workout, and now I hold classes and personal sessions for my clients. This is quite a far cry from my past, where I spent so many years burying myself in altered states with drugs—not confronting reality. I thought altered states were somehow softer—less difficult. Then I realized that I was not living my own life. I was hiding, robbing myself of an exciting existence. It’s great sharing my new found joy with people. I’m so glad I let go and embraced the technology of the Purification Program. —Jean K, Personal Trainer